Sunday, February 28, 2010

Felt a bit nostalgic lol


It means hello/welcome/a whole lot of other things in Maori (which if you didn't know are the orang asli of Aotearoa) lol

So anyways, as the title suggest, I had this pang of nostalgia as I:

1. Looked through some old Facebook pictures with all of you (well not ALL) college mates in it.

2. Heard the song "Battle Without Honour or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei" which if you didn't know is the song that plays when you load CS back in JS (of which I frequented quite a bit back in college lol)

3. Stumbled across one of my old post in my blog that mentioned my take on college life after my friend asked me who I had as lecturers (and I actually forgot some of their names lol)

4. Err.. no other reason actually. Oh right! Because I miss you guys! (cheh...)

So yeah~ Here I am trying (in vain I'm sure lol) to perhaps breathe in some life into this decomposing thing once called our class blog haha...

I'd like to think we had a good run back in college :)

I mean... it literally was the most chilled-out time I've spent in my life... I think.

Perhaps primary and secondary school was just as chilled-out... not too sure... but college was certainly the most fun :D


I remember the times when...

- Ms Chan ALWAYS let us off early lol

- Mr Hari never failing to make us laugh during Physics class (unfortunately this applies a lot less to those who didn't take Physics)

- CC-ing lol I still remember my fascination for the weapon we call AK-47 and how it was the perfect weapon for me haha...

- The rushed lunches we had in AsiaCafe (chicken rice FTW)~

- Ms Fiona's life stories during our Thinking Skills class lol

- The totally awesome Bio teacher Ms Param :)

- The race to get Maths homework done before the end of the day (of which we usually tried to finish during LAN classes haha)

- LAN classes! Basically 3 hours a week alotted for us to catch up on homework/catch a few winks ^^

- Ms Lourds getting confused as Janice asked the most confounding questions (particularly the stupidly structured gene question regarding Mendelian inheritance with that dog lol)

- And of course the various trips I've had with some of you :)

There's more of course...

But those are the ones I can just pluck out the top of my head right now...

I guess I'll stop here and see if anyone actually responds to this in say.. 1 months time lol

Take care everyone :)

PS - We really should meet up some day ^^

Monday, November 23, 2009

Me again

Due to ultimate boredoomness in office, decided to CPR this blog abit.

Nott's game gathering was...UNsuccessful, lol. only me, Fz, May Ann, Ham, Jason manage to met up, oh well, lets pray December ultimate gathering will be successful, COZ i don't think I can finish the huge turkey alone. Plus i have some interesting frens to intro. So UK ppl, please come

My Life so far...wasn't really happening, have been doing the same task everyday till i can tell u in my dream. But i can say the placement so far has been a very good experience!!!

Anyway for those that don't know what's going on, i am currently on my 3rd year of Biotechnology (Enterprise) course in University of Manchester. And because my course is a sandwich course ( not the bread sandwich/ nor did i learn how to make sandwiches), my 3rd year, which is NOW, is a 13 months industry placement at Eli Lilly Speke Operation at SPeke, Liverpool. So i am basically staying at Liverpool for a year at the moment and yes, i will not be going back m'sia till after graduate :( My project will be the development of Capreomycin, an antibiotic used to treat Multi-resistance Tuberculosis (TB). thats basically wat am i doing at the moment. How bout u guys? If u guys happen to revisit this deserted blog and is free please do update about what's happening OK?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nottingham Malaysian Games 2009

I dont know how many of you will visit this page, but i'll just upload this promo video for advertising purposes :)



Representative from NOttingham :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009



still remember the skinny, kind-hearted, emo and sometimes funny guy that fail to get any gf? ME!!! The 1 and only Joshur!!!

=.=" anyway...cut the crap, was bit exciting since was my first time blogging here, and I do APOLOGIZED for didn't take initiative to keep this blog alive.

Now...The purpose of this post...

TO ALL THE PM3'ians in UK...

as u guys all know, nottingham games will be held in 31st October (haloween) at Nottingham University. It is one of the most important occasion for M'sian in UK as most M'sia Society would sent representatives to compete in this tournament and M'sian from all over UK will gather around, which give us great chance to catch up with friends that are studying in different unis in UK, and of course we will be able to check out hot M'sian chicks and ducks, well, and maybe chucks (chic+duc...u will get what I mean, wanted to put D+icks, but seems bit 21sx)

Ok far as I know, May Ann, Grace, Johnathan and Akaash has almost comfirm to be there, Priya will most likly be there as well, and together with Faiz, Huwai Ern and Kai Yin from Notts. And ME, we will have quite a few people. Am trying to pursue Janice and Chin Ung to come as well. So ya, we are planning to have a mini gathering at around 3pm at somewhere in nottingham, most likly will be at the M'sian food fares if people are not convinient getting out of the Unis.

So PEOPLE, please inform any other PM3-ians if I happen to forget any of them, and also for those that are coming, u are more than welcome to bring some of your friends to join the fun and showed them our Pm3 culture (got ar?)

So ya, any Qs or need any help from me please called 07826070834 for Joshur.

P/s: this helpline is available strictly only after office hour and before sleeping hour.

Cheers and shall see u guys soon.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reunion was a success!

Removed the poll results because...

Reunion was yesterday :P

It was a success!  

I already blogged about it... so I won't be double blogging lar...


Remember to check out Murresh's party invite down here (below this post)!

Try to make it if you can ^^


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Turning 21...Save the Elephants...and Other Icky Stories

Hey fellow PM3-ians,

I see the blog is alive again due to the sort of active polling going on right now, so I thought I'd use this opportunity to post a blog...or more like an invitation. I'm having my 21st birthday party on the 21st of March. I know the date is really ironic...but hey, the easier to remember it. So here goes:

Murresh is Turning 21?

Date: 21st March 2009
Venue: Sheraton Imperial, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 6.30p.m-late

So please RSVP by replying to either my e-mail add: or SMS-ing me: 017-2848569. I hope most of you can make it as this one's going to be big! Not to mention the after party at Bar Club. 

P.s.: After RSVP-ing, I'll furnish you guys with a map of how to get to the hotel...and my place after that too if you want to party on privately with me after the after party.

-The Brown One-

Saturday, January 31, 2009

To create a poll...

This is what you need to do :)

I'm assuming you guys know how to login to the account already :P

At the Dashboard, select Layout~

Then scroll to Add Gadget and left click~

A new window should pop-up with a list of options... go down to Poll and left click on it.

Another new window will pop-up... there'll be come empty spaces there, fill in the blanks! (try setting your own date.. I tried it with the default date they gave and for some reason it didn't work lol) Click Save when you're done :)

Now.. the Poll will appear as shown, if you want to reposition it... Left click and drag... and drop at the position you think is most suitable (a few suggestions are shown below)~ (the position they'll use will turn white)

And now you know how to create a poll :)

Oh.. do remember to Save (Blogger doesn't always do it for you) and then View Blog to check how it turned out ^^